Hamilton Medical Walk in Clinic


1.) No narcotics will be prescribed for walk-in patients. Patients with existing narcotic prescriptions may, however, obtain a refill from any physician working at Hamilton Medical Walk-In Clinic Ltd. (HMWIC) if the primary-care physician works at HMWIC and is not available. The patient must be in good standing with their narcotic prescription with their doctor. Patients may be required for an instant urine analysis. Please consult with your family physician if you need such a prescription.

2.) Patients seeking primary-care doctors are not guaranteed acceptance. Acceptance is fully determined by the individual doctors.

3.) All walk-in patients must please limit their complaint to one in order to better serve you and reduce waiting-time.

4.) All primary-care patients must have an appointment to see the doctor.

5.) A primary-care patients who walk in without an appointment, will be considered as walk-in patients and must join the queue.

6.) The last appointment accepted is 20 minutes prior to lunch or closing time. This may vary depending on patient traffic on the given date.

7.) All primary-care patients who are more than 20 minutes late are considered walk-in patients and must join the queue.

8.) A 24-hours minimum appointment cancellation is required by primary care patients. Missed appointments are subjected to a $40.00 fee and
an Annual Physical Examinations is $75.00.

9.) HMWIC will no longer accept repeats/or refill prescription(Rx) via fax or phone. Patient needs to come in to see the doctor. The patient will be
personal responsible for the $20.00 fee for any emergency refill requested by phone or fax.

10.) No cell phone usage allowed beyond the waiting area including in the exam rooms.

11.) No Food or Drink are allowed in the examination rooms.

12.) The doctors are not obligated to fill all forms brought to them; it is determined on case-by-case basis.

13.) For prescription renewal, patient must bring their medication, vitamins, over the counter medication in original package/bottle and possibly a
print out from their pharmacist.

14.) Owing to privacy and liability reasons, all patients must register at the reception desk for any consultation with the doctor for medical advice
and no medical advice will be given by phone or fax.

15.) After each injection, patient must wait 20- 30 minutes in the clinic for any reaction due to the medication.

16.) Patients who are not courteous to the staff and other patients may be denied service or/and asked to leave.


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